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Welcome to new the SDK Law blog.  Here, we plan to post articles about what we do, legal issues which might be of interest to our business and land owning clients and information and commentary about changes in the law (whether impending or necessary).

We will also provide information about developments at SDK Law and, where possible, short reports of any interesting cases in which we are involved.  It is not intended to replace our articles page but we will use it to inform you of progress on some of the issues in which are interested including the Jackson reforms on which we have been in correspondence with the Ministry of Justice.  You can see our views on these from the articles which we have posted including our reaction to the changes proposed for conditional fees and the small claims limit.  I am pleased to say that in the last couple of months there has been some opposition to some of the proposals from some Judges.  There will no doubt be a lot more to follow on these issues but our position remains the same.  Some of the changes are well intentioned but I fear that they will be ultimately unsuccessful and that they will reduce rather than increase access to justice as well as increasing the amount of work which our already beleaguered judges have to do.

Coming soon will be notes on how quickly different Courts are able to deal with paperwork.  These follow a case in which I am involved in which it has taken the County Court concerned 6 weeks to process a simple request for a default judgment following similar delays in responding to requests for information about whether the defendants had even filed a defence.  Unusually, and out of frustration, I raised a complaint with the Court Manager and received a very reassuring and apologetic telephone call about the first delay.  Then I had to deal with the second.  Interestingly the defendants are all litigants in person and I wonder whether this is partly responsible for the delay.  The main reason is clearly that the Court in question is overworked.  I still think that by making it more expensive for people to instruct solicitors to run their cases the problem will become worse.
Please keep an eye on our blog and feel free to provide feedback or suggestions on issues which you would like to see us comment.

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